Denise Hillman Moynahan  

 Illustrator and Author


 of Children's Books

The Great Cavern of the Winds: Tales From Backbone Mountain

Recently, deep within the caverns of Backbone Mountain, archeologists have found writings carved into cave walls, onto clay tablets and etched into limestone pillars. Several books of bark were discovered wrapped in deerskin and buried under flat rocks. Slowly these writings are being translated, and from them we learn of the "small folk", known as the Alyphanties, who inhabited the mountain long, long ago.

The Great Cavern of the Winds: Tales From Backbone Mountain, written and illustrated by Denise Hillman Moynahan, is purely fictional. It is a mythological fantasy set in Garrett County in Western Maryland.

Published by: Overmountain Press

 P.O. Box 1261 Johnson City, TN 37605



Distributed by Independent Publishers Group (IPG)

             Esseldorph devoted
 much of his life to  creating a written language for his people. He inscribed their history and legends into the limestone pillars and walls in his cave.


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Ehrlim lifted the ball up over his head. He spun  it around on the tip of his finger before hurling it down from the heavens.


Althetta knelt down and placed her hands on the earth. "Maybe now," she thought, "I can feel Nephod's music."  


The most ferocious wind,  Malik, came from the north. He swept up huge boulders and flung them like pebbles onto the mountain.