Denise Hillman Moynahan


 Illustrator and Author



 of Children's Books


The Bubble Train to Clackerly

The Brumphies filled their bubbles with toys to send to the Groms in Clackerly, but the winds tossed the bubbles around and they got lost. One bubble came all alone to Becky's house and asked her for help. She followed the bubble to the Brumphies, who asked Becky to lead the bubble train and deliver the gifts. She found the way to Clackerly and each Grom received a gift---  all except one of them who was a new and had no name. Becky figured out how to solve this problem.

The Bubble Train to Clackerly was written for my granddaughter. It is unpublished.


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 In Beltsville Park, I quite forgot
(if you were there which you were not),
one heard the Brumphies huff and puff and fill their pipes with bubble stuff.

"Oh dear," you said.
"Just who are you?
"Well, I don't know, you see I'm new.
I have no name. I came today.
I have no gift. I cannot play."

You parked your train, unpacked the toys
 and found the list of girls and boys.
 From A to Z you read each name.
 Each got a toy, a truck or game.