Denise Hillman Moynahan

Illustrator and Author


 of Children's Books


The Fountain of Flowers

What happened to spring?  There were no blossoms in gardens or on trees. There was no color. Brides carried flowerless stems and teachers only got sticks for their vases. Alexandra was sent out to find where the flowers had gone. She eventually finds a gray shack in the forest. She knocks on the door and that's when she meets the Groodid who has all the seeds, flowers, buds, and even the weeds hidden in his house. She does find a way to get them back home in time to start springtime, but she also must bring the Groodid with her, which causes a problem when he moves into her house.

The Fountain of Flowers was written for my granddaughter. It is unpublished.

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You looked under rocks, in caves and in holes.
 You checked under bridges and
 asked all the trolls.



You heard him unchaining, unbolting, unlocking,
 to answer the door on which you were knocking.

 "I've taken the seeds from each flower
and bloom,
 and mixed them all up right here in my room.
 I've tossed them
 and stirred them,
confused them
 you know,
 so if they get out
 they  won't know
 where to go."