Denise Hillman Moynahan

Illustrator and Author

 of Children's Books


Great-Nana Finds A Shoe

Great-Nana is an old caterpillar with white hair and two chins. She lives "upstairs" on a leaf in a run-down shoe with her three nephews, Hawkins, Loupin and Llewelyn O'Flynnes. Great-Nana wants to move to a new shoe, preferably a red shoe, near a lake or a pond. This is a story about their adventurous trip in their car, Effie. Great-Nana gets lost, then they find themselves almost stuck in the lime jelly forest, and when they expect to find the karms, who are the keepers of directions, they find the karms are not there. Great-Nana finally gets to the pond and finds her red shoe, but her adventure is not over.


Great-Nana Finds A Shoe, written and illustrated by Denise Hillman Moynahan. It is unpublished.



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 "Take a look down this  street, not a nice shoe in sight.
 How this neighborhood's changed, and almost overnight,"
 said great-nana upstairs with white hair and two chins
 to Hawkins and Loupin and Llewelyn O'Flynnes.



Great-nana was put in old Effie, upstairs
on a soft fluffy cushion where she combed her white hairs.

But great-nana got lost and no road could be seen,
   just the lime jelly forest that drizzled its green
 sticky droplets of jelly from doddlebird vines,
 used for catching the food where the doddlebird dines.

"To the pond," called great-nana. The feather did know
all the paths, roads and turns, all the places to go.
It guided old Effie through trees and beyond.
It guided old Effie right up to the pond.