Denise Hillman Moynahan

Illustrator and Author


of Children's Books


The Cavern of Lorkums

Gromelia Ophelia is a boulder who lives in the Cavern of Lorkums; however, no lorkums had been in the cave for years. One morning Gromelia Ophelia had a headache, but none of the rocks, stones, or boulders could see anything on her head that could be bothering her. Finally, the stones were sent out of the cave to find Stephanie and ask for her help.  When Stephanie saw Gromelia Ophelia, she saw lorkums playing in a castle on Gromelia's old head, but the stones, rocks, and boulders couldn't see the lorkums and didn't believe her. "Go out and find the pebbles," Stephanie told them. How could these little pebbles help? Stephanie knows.

The Cavern of Lorkums was written for my granddaughter. It is unpublished.

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Gromelia Ophelia was the oldest of boulders.
 She had moss on her head which hung down to her shoulders.
 And in with the moss were two toadstools, one spoon,
 three flowers, two teacups and one red balloon.

"No, you must bring
back the pebbles.
Hurry, please do.
They will help old
Gromelia everytime you
hear her crying with headaches. Oh please rush along.
Only the children of boulders can cure
what is wrong!"

And you lifted them up, which was quite a big hassle,
 and they shouted together, "We see a great castle.
 It's filled up with lorkums who play hide-and-seek.
 They're jumping and running right now as we speak!"