Denise Hillman Moynahan

Illustrator and Author

 of Children's Books


The Ornkal of Belkar


Chris built a "Cyclonical Zarlton" in his shed. One day notes start spilling all over the shed floor. The notes have come from the Ornkal of Belkar and they all say the same thing, but were written in code. Chris uses his decoder and finds out that the Ornkal needs help with his five snakes. Chris must take a journey through space. He goes to Belkar and solves the Ornkal's problem, but he ends up with one of his own.

 The Ornkal of Belkar was written for my grandson. It is unpublished.

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                                           On the planet of Belkar, way far out in space,
 beyond Neptune and Pluto in a faraway place,
 lives the Ornkal of Belkar, who sits by three lakes, eating pumbly cake pumbles while training five snakes.

The Knobbynose Pipe Snake is put together in sections. It can take itself apart with its forked tail. When hunting for food it removes its mid-sections and then attaches its tail section to the head.


The Cyclonical-Zarlton sounded quite weird.
 Chris looked at the screen and the Ornkal appeared.