Denise Hillman Moynahan

 Illustrator and Author


 of Children's Books


The Willowbee Bush

The phomphlits in the willowbee bush have a dilemma. The bush is sprouting new babies and they all look alike. The parents don't know who's been fed or changed. In fact they don't even know whose baby is whose. They ask Jennifer for help, but her task becomes difficult when she hears that all the babies have the same name - Phaphoophle. They must all be alike, the phomphits tell her, so that no one is different or unlike the rest. Little by little Jennifer solves the problem.

The Willowbee Bush was written for my granddaughter.  It is unpublished.



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This bush was so full that the fathers and mothers (who cared for these phomphlits, these sisters and brothers,
who sprouted and grew, and were crying and weeping,
 and needing clean diapers, and eating and sleeping)
 forgot who was where. . . 




They stood on their branches and looked far and wide.
They all called, they all shouted, they hollered, they cried.

They painted themselves, decorated each other.
 Soon all of the parents, each father and mother, were covered with colors, with greens, blues and reds,
 then they sprinkled confetti all over their heads.