Denise Hillman Moynahan

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 Thousands of years before the Alyphanties, the "little mountain people," settled in caves on the top of Backbone Mountain, Malik, the ferocious wind from the north, carved out a cavern for himself in the mountain. When he finished he went inside and rested. The lesser winds, relieved that he no longer raged about, got together and wedged a boulder in the cavern entrance, trapping Malik inside.

"He's still in there," Esseldorph told the Alyphanty children seated around him in his cave. "And that's why you must never go near the Great Cavern of the Winds."

But the children remembered that five years ago, Malik had been let loose. Who hadn't heeded Esseldorph's warnings?



The Great Cavern of the Winds:Tales from Backbone Mountain


written and illustrated by:

Denise Hillman Moynahan




Publisher's review:

Inspired by the picturesque Backbone Mountain in the Appalachians, this gathering of myths and fables creates its own imaginative world.